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Yajña means selfless sacrifice for a noble purpose. The yajna ritual is an ancient fire ceremony done for purification and worship; it is one of the most powerful prayer rituals we do. The practice helps us to surrender through the act of making sacrificial offerings to the Divine.

Discover the deeper meaning and value of yajna.
Learn about the connection between the natural elements and the offerings you make during the ritual.
Go step-by-step through the ritual and learn how to pronounce the mantras.


Agni, fire, is the only element that always rises upwards and purifies everything it comes in contact with. In the yajna ritual, we offer prayers, herbs and grains into the fire which is seen as the mouth of the Divine. Whatever we sacrifice into the yajna is believed to be offered directly to the Lord Himself.


To participate in this course, you must first have:

Attended a Bhakti Marga Simple Puja Course
Attended a Bhakti Marga Abhishekam Course
Regularly practiced puja for a minimum of 6 months

The items needed to perform the yajña are listed in the yajña manual. They can be acquired in the Bhaktishop.

The course includes a manual that will guide you step-by-step through the yajna ritual. It also includes the most important rules to follow and the symbolic meaning behind each offering.

With the right knowledge, you dive that mind into the ocean of the heart, and when the mind dives into the ocean of the heart...you start to rise spiritually. - Paramahamsa Vishwananda

Paramahamsa Vishwananda


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