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Practising puja provides the unique opportunity to express your love and longing for the Divine in a very practical, tangible, and deeply profound way.

Abhishekam is a beautiful bathing ritual that allows you to deepen your relationship even more. The ritual represents the cleansing of our inner negativity and the balancing and purification of the natural elements of our body.

In this course you will:

Discover the deeper meaning and value of this bathing ritual.
Learn about the connection between the natural elements and the offerings you make during the ritual.
Go through the ritual step-by-step and learn how to pronounce the mantras.

To participate in this course, you must first have:

- Attened a Bhakti Marga Simple Puja Course
- Regularly practised simple puja for a minimum of 3 months

You will need the following to take part in this course:

- A complete puja plate
- An abhishekam pan (bathing basin)
- A murti

With the right knowledge, you dive that mind into the ocean of the heart, and when the mind dives into the ocean of the heart...you start to rise spiritually. - Paramahamsa Vishwananda

Paramahamsa Vishwananda


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