Zoom: Abhishekam Course - 12 June 2021 - 9:30 CEST

Saturday, Jun 12, 2021
09:30 h to 13:00 h
ZOOM: Video Conferencing
Shree Peetha Nilaya
Anantajita Das Ananda
€ 75
This course will be taught in English, translations are not available.
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Rituals: Abhishekam

Practising puja provides the unique opportunity to express your love and longing for the Divine in a very practical, tangible, and deeply profound way. Abhishekam is a beautiful bathing ritual that allows you to deepen your relationship even more. The ritual represents the cleansing of our inner negativity and the balancing and purifcation of the natural elements of our body.

In this Zoom course you will:

  • Discover the deeper meaning and value of this bathing ritual. 
  • Learn about the connection between the natural elements and the offerings you make during the ritual. 
  • Go through the ritual step-by-step and learn how to pronounce the mantras.

Did You Know? 

Abhishekam is a beautiful bathing ritual where five different substances are poured onto the deity. These substances symbolise the five elements of our physical nature and our lower nature emotional qualities. Through the Grace of the deities, these elements, our five senses and the mind are purified and transformed in a positive way. 


The course includes a manual that will guide you step-by-step through the abhishekam ritual. It also includes the most important rules to follow and the symbolic meaning behind each offering. In addition, you will receive access to audio and video files and other informational material to enhance and simplify your learning and practicing experience. 


To participate in this course, you must first have:

  • Attened a Bhakti Marga Simple Puja Course
  • Regularly practiced simple puja for a minimum of 3 months

You will need the following in order to take part in this course: 

  • The ZOOM APP (see Zoom section below for more details)
  • A complete puja plate
  • An abhishekam pan (bathing basin)
  • murti 


Bhakti Shop

If you are in need, the Bhakti Shop has a full selection of items including everything required for this course. 


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In order to take part in this program, you must download and install the Zoom App on your computer or mobile device and set up a Zoom account. When the time comes for the class, you will need to log into your Zoom account from your device and then click on 'Join a Meeting' using the details provided in your reminder email. 

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