Zoom: Personal Pujas for Maha-Lakshmi 2020

Thursday, Nov 12, 2020 10:00 h
to Saturday, Nov 14, 2020 17:00 h
Shree Peetha Nilaya – Bhakti Marga Centre and Ashram
Am Geisberg 1-8
65321 Heidenrod Springen
Event fully booked.


Due to current German Covid restrictions, SPN is closed to all overnight guests and day visitors. However, temple prayers will still be offered online. Please join us!

Invoke Ma's Blessing

Dhanteras-Diwali is traditionally a time when we pray to the Divine Mother to ask for Her grace, and for spiritual or material boons. Since it's not possible to have you come and pray with us in person, we are offering a special online prayer service during this auspicious time.

Let Us Pray For You

Experience an up-close and personal darshan of Maha-Lakshmi and watch Swami Anashuya—a long-time worshipper of the Divine Mother—conduct a puja and recite special Vedic chants on your behalf. Via Zoom, you will have an altar seat at the Feet of Sripiteshwari Maha-Lakshmi in the Bhutabhrteshwarnath Mandir. From there, you will see every moment of this exquisite ritual with all its ceremonial grace, beauty, and love given from the heart.


Please register for ONLY ONE of the following: 
(All the times listed are Germany CET time)

  • Thursday, 12 November

    • 10:00 - 10:30 - Fully booked
  • Friday, 13 November
    • 10:00 - 10:30 - Fully booked
    • 16:30 - 17:00 - Fully booked
  • Saturday, 14 November
    • 10:00 - 10:30 - Fully booked
    • 16:30 - 17:00 - Fully booked

Honouring the Goddess of Wealth

Maha-Lakshmi is the Divine Mother and the eternal consort of Lord Narayana. She provides everything for Her children. Out of Her mercy, She protects them and grants the boons of spiritual and material wealth to all those who sincerely pray to Her. Venerating Her with pujas and special praises is a beautiful way to express your love and gratitude for the abundance and grace She brings into your life.

Maha-Lakshmi creates balance by uniting your body, mind and spirit, so that you can advance on your spiritual path.

Paramahamsa Sri Swami Vishwananda

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Tune in to the Dhanteras-Diwali Live Experience from the comfort of your own home and enjoy three nights of special Maha-Lakshmi prayers and bhajans with Paramahamsa Vishwananda.

Watch the Livestream

Place: Shree Peetha Nilaya

Live broadcast from Shree Peetha Nilaya, the 'Home of Maha-Lakshmi' and a beautiful place to experience Divine Love. 

Shree Peetha Nilaya - Bhakti Marga

In ancient times, yogis would receive divine inspiration through the connection to God in nature. Shree Peetha Nilaya is such a place.

Paramahamsa Sri Swami Vishwananda


If you have any questions about the event or registration, please contact us:
Phone: +49 (0) 6124 605 9000
Tuesday – Saturday: 14:00 – 17:00
Email: onlineevents [at] bhaktimarga.org